The Multiversity is almost upon us…


Comic-book superstar writer Grant Morrison will allow us to cross dimensions next month when he re-introduces us to DC’s multiple Earths. Multiversity #1 will take us through the 52 parallel  Earths that make up DC’s Multiverse, during these visits to other worlds we will meet the different variations of Superheroes we know and love including a vampiric Justice League on Earth #43 and the amazing Captain Carrot!

The dimensional defying adventure will take you on journey through six different storylines that take place in their own universes, but are brought together in their fight against an all powerful evil force known as the Gentry. Issue #1 of Multiversity will be available on August 20th, written by Grant Morrison, with art by Joe Prado and Ivan Reis.


About Bruce Hodder (formerly known as ArcaneHalloween)

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