New Comics Spotlight: Harley Quinn #8.

HQ #8harley varianthq 75

Welcome comic fans to another new comics Wednesday, today we are recommending our favourite Cupid of crime..the inimitable Harley Quinn, Mr J’s favourite lady has no less than three variant covers for her July issue. The monthly comic book series has been a massive success so far with the fans as they follow the misadventures of the Mistress of mischief, we have been enjoying miss Quinn’s adventures immensely which is no surprise when you have a comic book dream-team like Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner creating her monthly escapades. This is another fantastically fun issue with Harley finally facing off with her mysterious assassins and deciding it’s time to unleash the ‘Scatapult’! 

Precinct1313 rating: 5 mallets out of 5.


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