Feline Fury…

wildcat 2


A new Superhero will be prowling the episodes of Arrow in season 3 of the popular show, when Wildcat..Ted Grant is added to the growing cast, the role of the tough, streetwise feline pugilist has been given to actor JR Ramirez. Theodore Grant was created by Bill Finger and Irwin Hansen in January 1942, his first appearance was in Sensation comics #1, this comic also marked the first appearance of the awesome Amazon – Wonder Woman! In the comics Ted is a long standing member of the Justice Society of America alongside other characters such as Dr Fate and another Arrow star Black Canary.

Ted is an ex-world champion heavyweight boxer, he has trained some other heroes in the art of pugilism including Black Canary and a young Bruce Wayne! It’s great to see characters like Wildcat being given more exposure, DC comics have an extremely large and varied catalogue of  heroes and villains and shows like Arrow and the upcoming The Flash are utilising their back catalogue to great effect…who will they pick next, what classic DC character would you like to see added to either of these shows?  comment below my comic cohorts….

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  1. POWER GIRL! Got to be done!


  2. Agree, absolutely…plus she can hang out with her best friend..the Huntress.


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