Winter is coming….for the Flash!

killer frost1

The Flash is really going to have his hands full come this October when his new live action series premieres, with all the Supervillains being thrown at him, he won’t have time to breathe and here comes another – Killer Frost!, the actress Danielle Panabaker has been cast as the cold and calculating villain.

There have been a number of characters who have taken on the mantle of Frost over the years, and the version we are getting is Caitlin Snow a scientist working out of  STAR labs. The original Killer Frost was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom, her first appearance was in Firestorm #3. Caitlin has the ability to absorb any heat source and turn this into cold energy, creating a protective sheen of ice on her body, she can generate ice storms and deadly icicle projectiles.

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  1. Ooooo, I need to add Killer Frost to my cosplay to-do list….


  2. Agggghhhh!!! I am going to be frost for Halloween this year!! Awesome that she is scheduled now!!!

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