They mostly come with pre-orders….mostly…

alien isolation1

The upcoming Alien inspired video game-Alien Isolation by Sega will also have the cast of the original 1979 Ridley Scott movie added, but here is the caveat…only by pre-ordering the game. It seems strange that a game inspired by the original sci-fi horror movie does not include the original cast as standard and can only be added by pre-ordering. The full cast of Scott’s classic movie have come back together to record dialogue for the game, I am sure later down the line the Nostromo crew will be available through dlc, as long as the game is better than the atrocious-Aliens:Colonial marines!

alien isolation2

“That’s right we look sad, we forgot to pre-order the game, now we can’t play as….ourselves!”


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  1. I shall second that!
    Such a shame they look to dollar first…
    Let’s just hope for those who do acquire themselves the very cool cast of LV-426 wonder’s – it is a much more respectable homage than Colonial Marines.


    • Agreed my friend, unfortunately this practice will continue..gaming is such big business now! I usually tell people to vote with their wallets and don’t buy into these practices, but we’re talking about the cast of the original Alien here, so I’d understand gamers pre-ordering for this particular bonus. Have a great day!


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