Tales of woe, Dark Souls 2 dlc.

ds2 crown2

Step cautiously once more into the death stricken lands of Drangleic to experience even more pain and suffering, but hey that’s what we love about Dark Souls isn’t it? That’s right gentle reader the new dlc for Dark Souls 2 is out and it’s tough, frustrating but oh so good! After receiving a dragon claw in your inventory, you make your way down to the poisonous depths of Black Gulch before being whisked away to the new area of Shulva the sunken city. There is a bonfire close to where you begin and luckily you can warp from bonfires back to the main area of Drangleic at any time, meaning you can explore the dlc at your leisure.

ds2 crown3

Now a warning, this new dlc is much harder than the main Dark Souls 2 game, in fact the difficulty is more akin to the original Dark Souls, So be prepared before heading in with a decently levelled character and healing items. Unlike the main game this dlc contains a little more puzzling, and I shall be honest some left me perplexed for a while, but then I was always terrible at puzzle based video-games, but with some  lateral thinking I got around most of them.

The opening area is an ancient city under the ground and this gives way to lakes and tombs infested with nasty enemies and large rather unfriendly bosses…it will challenge you, and your character not surprisingly will die…lots! but hey that’s Dark Souls for you and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The dlc weighs in at about 6 to 8 hours in length depending on your skill level, so if you love Dark Souls, I say buy it and enjoy more agonising but entertaining hours in the Dark Souls universe.

Precinct1313 rating: 4 bonfires out of 5.

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