London Film and Comic Con 2014.

Welcome friends, first allow me to introduce myself  I am the newest addition to this site, you may call me rageypeep, so now you won’t have to listen to the ramblings of ArcaneHalloween- you will have to listen to mine as well!..and now on with the show. I have just got back from the biggest comic convention in the UK, the London Film and Comic Con. This year over 100,000 people attended over three days starting Friday 11th through Sunday 13th July, and in attendance some of the biggest stars in television, film and comics. Below are some of the photos that I managed to take from Sunday July 13th…

Optimus Prime, Barricade and Bumblebee.



Keaton’s Batmobile


Adam West’s Batmobile






Maleficent came first in the amateur Cosplay contest winning £100.


ODST trooper from Halo.


“Get over here!”



Yel Zamor


This female barbarian outfit from Diablo 3 (Yel Zamor) came first in the Pro-Cosplay contest wining £250, she gave all her winnings to Lady Noctis who is doing a “Hair today gone tomorrow” head shave for Cancer Research UK. (Something close to my heart since my dad has just been diagnosed with cancer, donate here).


hit girl-batman

Batman and Hit Girl.


This Jawa was cosplayed by a 7 year old and came 2nd in the amateur cosplay contest winning £20.


All of the amateur cosplayers from Sunday.



These two pictures are of all the professional cosplayers that took part in the pro-cosplay competition.


And the winners of the pro-cosplay- the Penguin, the couple from Disneys ‘Frozen’ and the Female Barbarian from Diablo 3.

These are a few of the photos from the day, we will include the rest in a dedicated gallery soon. I was so inspired with all the amazing cosplayers that a friend and I are preparing to cosplay at next years LFCC!  I leave you with:


“Hordor! Hordor! Hordor”


Oh, and the legendary George Romero!

Thanks for reading folks!

About Rageypeep

I'm a computer gamer, I live all things gaming and tech related. I also like lots of films and TV shows!

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