Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

The top 5 begins with…

NUMBER 5 is: Batwoman.


Batwoman..real name Katherine Kane was created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff in 1956, her first appearance was in Detective comics#233. Throughout the next eight years Batwoman appeared alongside Batman regularly as a supporting character, until 1964 when editor Julie Schwartz took the reins of the various Batman titles and removed what he called ‘non-essential characters’, this included Ace the Bathound, Bat-mite and Batwoman. After a forty year absence, Batwoman was reintroduced into the DC universe in 2005, her history was changed and Kate Kane took up the fight as Batwoman once more.

The new version of Batwoman was different in every way to her silver age counterpart, the original was a rich socialite who was romantically involved with Batman, the Kate Kane of today is ex-military and is a lesbian. Much was made of the sexual orientation of  the character which drew both good and bad press when she was reintroduced, with Vice-president of DC comics saying that they wanted to ‘introduce some diversity and better reflect modern society’. Like Batman, Kate has no superpowers and relies on her military training and combat expertise, she tends to deal with the supernatural side of crime in Gotham City. Since her reintroduction, the Batwoman comics have been a huge success and are some of the best written comics around today, Elegy volume one is required reading and cannot come more highly recommended!

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