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NUMBER 8 is: Red Hood.


The Red Hood, real name Jason Todd was originally the second Robin after Dick Grayson left the role to become Nightwing, his first appearance was in Batman#357 in March of 1983. Batman’s first encounter with the young Jason was when he caught him boosting the tyres off the Batmobile, impressed by his ingenuity and spirit and realising that if he left Jason to his own devices he would eventually end up as a criminal, Batman adopted and started to train Jason to be the new Robin. In 1988 during the four issue mini-series ‘Death in the Family’, Jason was captured, tortured and then killed by Batman’s arch nemesis the Joker. There have been two different versions of the resurrection of Jason, in the first he was brought back from the dead when Earth prime’s Superboy caused temporal rifts throughout the universe causing Jason to return from the dead. When DC comics recently rebooted their comic universe, this was changed to Jason being brought back to life by Talia al Ghul, using her father..Ras al Ghul’s Lazarus pit. 

Jason joined a secret society of assassins called the All Caste, who trained him in assassination techniques and long forgotten combat styles, Jason ultimately left the All Caste and joined up with Starfire and Arsenal to form the team Red Hood and the Outlaws. Jason is a master of martial arts having been taught by the Batman and the All Caste, he carries an assortment of weapons including hand guns, knives and explosives. Unlike his mentor Batman, Jason does not share the same moral code and will do anything he deems necessary to get the job done.

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