Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

The daily countdown continues with…

NUMBER 10 is: The Punisher.



‘The guilty will be punished!’

Frank Castle..the Punisher was created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita and Ross Andru, for the February issue of the Amazing Spiderman #129 in 1974. Castle is an ex US marine who also trained with the Navy Seals and is a master in unarmed combat and stealth. During a day out with his wife and two children in New York’s Central park, they are caught in the middle of a gun battle by the mob and his family are caught in the crossfire and are tragically killed. From this point on Castle wages a war against organised crime and sadistic criminals as the violent vigilante the Punisher. Castle throughout the 1970’s appeared mainly in other characters comics, such as Daredevil and recurring roles in the Spiderman comics, it wasn’t until the early 1980’s that he finally started to appear in his own series. In 1995 all Punisher comics were cancelled due to poor sales, Marvel rebooted almost immediately after this with another new series which only ended up running eighteen issues before once again being cancelled. Then in 2000 famed comic writer Garth Ennis created a new twelve issue mini-series of the character which was a huge hit, and the Punisher once more returned to his own monthly title.

There have been three movies to date of the Punisher character starting in 1989 with Castle being played by 80’s action star Dolph Lundgren, a fun and violent movie that admittedly has dated slightly. In 2004 the role was reprised by actor Thomas Jane, this is a better movie than the 89 version being much closer to the source material and Thomas Jane made for a respectable Frank Castle. Both of these were blown away (pun most definitely intended!) by the 2008 movie called Punisher War Zone, an amazing translation of the character to film. The role of Castle was played by British actor Ray Stevenson, it is very close to the original comic and is an extremely violent and dark movie..all three films are recommended but if you can only see one-opt for the 2008 version.

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  1. Gasp! Never thought I’d see a Marvel character on this blog! 😉

    I had no idea there were three movies, let alone a Dolph Lungdren one. I like him, because he was He-Man once. I’ve seen the 2004 one, although it’s a liiiitle bit violent for my tastes.

    P.S Luke watched Evil Toons on your recommendation. “Best movie ever”, he says.


    • Thanks for reading Adam, I have always really liked the Punisher. I remember going to the cinema to see the Dolph- Punisher movie, so there is a nostalgia tinged view of that film. The 2004 film was good but the 2008 film was the Punisher movie fans had been waiting for. Evil Toons is definitely an acquired taste like all 80’s ‘B’ horrors, glad Luke enjoyed it’s cheesiness!


      • Yes, he indeed liked the “cheese”. Firm, round cheeses. A delight to the senses!

        I had a friend, once (just the once 😉 ). He walked in one day with a Punisher T-shirt on. So we all said things like “Oh no! It’s the Punisher come to wreak his vengeance on us!” and recoiled in mock horror. He said “What does that mean!? People have been saying that to me all day!”. Turns out he had no idea who the Punisher was, he just bought it ‘cos it had a skull on it. We called him Frank for years afterwards.


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