Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

And welcome back once more to our daily countdown…

NUMBER 13 is: V.



V’s vision of valour and victory by vanquishing the villains through vengeful violence, against any whose view violates the virtuous vox-populi, is the voyage that vocalises the voracious venture and vanguard of valiant victory.

V was created by the great Alan Moore in 1982, and given life by the pencils of David Lloyd. It tells the tale of a dystopian near future Britain that after a devastating war across the planet, has now been taken over by the fascist like party of Norse-fire. V himself was a victim of experimentation and the only survivor of the government created drug ‘batch 5’. The drug as a side effect ended up giving V advanced strength, reflexes and pain tolerance. Using these new skills, V waged an anarchistic revolution against the corrupt government, whilst also tutoring his  young protege Evey Hammond to help in the fight.

In 2005 a film version of  V for Vendetta hit the big screen directed by the Wachowski brothers, it starred the great Hugo Weaving as the character of V in a career defining performance. Though Weaving spent the entire film in the iconic Guy Fawkes mask and never showing his face, his amazingly emotional performance was astounding and a tribute to the acting skills of this fantastic Australian thespian.

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