Precinct1313’s all time favourite comic-book characters..daily countdown.

Welcome back to day two of the daily countdown of our  favourite comic characters of all time.

NUMBER 14 is: Judge Anderson.

anderson 1

Judge Cassandra Anderson first appeared in 2000ad #150 in February 1980, created by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland- who based her appearance on singer Debbie Harry. Anderson is a member of the PSI division, a group of Judges that possess psychic powers, Anderson was born with telepathy and pre-cognitive abilities and is the most famed of the psychic judges. Anderson initially starred as an addition in the  Judge Dredd   story about the Dark Judges, but was popular enough to get her own series-Anderson PSI Division. In February of 2014 after thirty four years in print, Anderson unfortunately committed suicide by hanging, after years dealing with emotional and mental trauma brought on by her psychic powers and watching eighty seven percent of Mega City One die of the Chaos bug (from the story Day of  Chaos)..Anderson had decided she could take no more pain. RIP Cassandra we miss you!

As a side note, Anderson lives on thanks to the movie ‘Dredd’ starring Karl Urban. Anderson is played brilliantly by actress Olivia Thirlby and the movie comes highly recommended!


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