The man behind the mask


Happy Friday the 13th fiends, today is my second favourite day of the year (Halloween being my favourite of course), so I shall be indulging in the blood soaked, hockey mask wearing awesomeness of Jason Vorhees and his various victims in the classic Friday the 13th series of movies….but which one to watch? I actually like all eleven of the movies that the maniacal Jason has appeared in to date (not including the remake which I am not overly fond of) My overall favourite though is Friday the 13th part IV:the Final Chapter (though it obviously wasn’t the ‘final chapter’ as the homicidal one went on to star in another seven movies!)

The reasons for this being my favourite are many, apart from the lovely ladies, the well written storyline and fantastic camera work, this film introduced me to two of  the greatest genre actors of all time: Corey Feldman and the amazing Crispin Glover. Corey will be best known to most people for his role in the greatest vampire movie ever made – the Lost Boys, alongside his good friend, the late great Corey Haim. The fantastic Crispin Glover is most fondly remembered as Marty McFly’s dad in Back to the Future, but has had a wealth and breadth of roles across many genres over the years. So which of the Friday movies will you be indulging in tonight?


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